The folks playing at Ottawa City Hall on National Fiddling Day in 2017 played the following common fiddle tunes in Canada.
Notation and MP3s are commonly available via internet search.

Opening Tune: Canada’s Fiddling Day Two-Step (G)

Recognizing our Prime Ministers 
….From the CGMFA Canadian Prime Ministers Project (See link on this site)

Sir John A MacDonald Waltz (A) 
Sir MacKenzie Bowell Jig (F) 
Lester Pearson Clog (D) 
John Diefenbaker Polka (G/C) 
Sir William Lyon MacKenzie King Strathspey (D)

Set A - Old Time & Métis
(Most of these tunes can be found at the Prairie Mountain Fiddlers site
Poor Girl Waltz (C) 
Maple Sugar (A/E) 
Rock Valley Jig (C) 
Loggieville Two-Step (D) 
Manitoba Golden Boy (D) 
Big Bear (Métis) (Em/G) 
Whiskey Before Breakfast (D) 
Rose Bud of Allendale A 
Golden Slippers (G) 
Soldier’s Joy (D) 
Petronella (D) 
Old Red Barn (D)
Set B - Cape Breton & Scottish 
(notation and mp3s at )
(these tunes are played AABBAABB)
Bridge Jig (A) / Stool of Repentance Jig(A) 
Mairi’s Wedding (G) / Bonnie Lassie (G) aka Scotland the Brave 
Stan Chapman’s (A) / Way to Judique (A) 
Father John Angus Rankin March (A) / Lime Hill - Strathspey (A) / Sir Reginald MacDonald Reel (A) / High Road to Linton Reel (A) 
Da Slockit Light (D) / Willie Fraser’s Strathspey (D)/ 
Homeward Bound (D) / Rannie MacLennan’s (D) 
Molly Rankin’s Reel (D) / Jenny Dang the Weaver (D) / 
Jackie Coleman’s Reel (D) / Silver Spear (D) / St. Anne’s Reel (D)
Set C - Violon Traditionnel Québécois
(Most of these tunes can be found at Identitairs Québecois site )

  1. Reel de Sherbooke   (G)
  2. Reel de Pointe-au-pic   (C)
  3. Reel St-Antoine       (A)
  4. Valse-clog Joseph Guilmette   (D) 
  5. Ronfleuse Gobeil          (D)
  6. La joyeuse Québécoise  (A)  
  7. Valse Gisèle    (D)
  8. La bastringue  (D) 

Set D – Irish Canadian Fiddle Tunes
(These can be found in the Montreal Session Tune Book at )

  1. Road to Lisdoonvarna / Morrison's Jig (p5) 
  2. Ballydesmond Polkas 1 / Ballydesmond Polka 2 / Tralee Gaol (p39) 
  3. Haste to the Wedding / Smash the Window / Tobin's Favourite (p7) 
  4. Kesh Jig / Blackthorn Stick (p1) 
  5. Boys of Bluehill / Harvest Home / Staten Island Hornpipe (p15)

Set D – World Fiddle Tunes

1. Israel-Trad Hassidic: Hava Nagila

2. Ukraine: Who Stole the Kishka  (traditional "kolomeyka") 

3. Poland: Westphalia Waltz,

    Closing Tune: Canada’s Fiddling Day Two-Step (G)