National Fiddling Day 2017 Kincardine ON 

With 410 Students: Cock of the North, Hundred Pipers (A) 

With 410 Students: Swallowtail (Em), Connachtman’s Rambles (D) 

With 410 Students: My Love She’s But a Lassie, On the Road to Boston, Liberty (D) 

With 410 Students: Ash Grove (D or G), 

With 410 Students: Joys of Quebec (A), Rubber Dolly (A) 

With 410 Students: Shove the Pig’s Foot (G), Angeline the Baker (D) 

The Red Dress (C), Lake Superior (D) 

HG Johnson (D), The Tooth Fairy (G) 

Patronella (D), Spoot o’ Skerry (G), Willafjord (D) 

Sourgrass and Granite (D) 

Shades of Dawn (D) 

Pigeon on the Gate (G) 

Blue Mountain Hornpipe (A) 

Sweets of May Irish Dance 

New Kelli ….410 and/or Canada 150 

Steps - Walking Uptown (D), Parry Sound (G) 

Jigs - Donegal, Irish Washerwoman (G 

- Ragtime Annie(D), Flop Eared Mule (G) 

Reels - Mouth of the Tobique (G), 8, Angus Campbell (A), 8, Fisher's (D) 

Steps - Golden Slippers, Crooked Stovepipe, Swamp Lake (G) 

- Haste to the Wedding, Larry O'Gaffe, Father O'Flynn (D) 

I: Hornpipe - Beaux of Oak Hill (aka Boys of Blue Hill) (D) …AAABB 

I: Reels - Sheehan's, Flowers of Edinburgh (G), Uncle Henry's (A) ...AAABB repeat… 

I: Jigs - Fairy Toddler (D) ..AAABB, repeat, Irish Girl (D) ..AAABB 

- Big John McNeil, Mason's Apron (A) 

– Log Driver’s (G), Red-Headed Fiddler (D) 

Reels - Ontario Swing (D) Bowin' the Strings (A) 

- Little Roy's Breakfast, Shingle the Roof (D) 

Reels - Carleton County(A), Whitefish (Bb), Mitton’s(Bb) 

- Chambermaid (A), Gray's 2nd Change (F), Jimmy's Favourite(G) 

- Murray River, To the Ladies, Stan Chapman (A) 

- Rock Valley, Rocking Chair (C.) 

S: Reels - Don Messer's Breakdown (C), Sherbrooke (G), Kiley’s Reel (A) 

Steps – Fiddle Bill (G), Maple Sugar (A and E) 

S: Reels - St Anne's (D), Rambler's (D/A), Blind Man's (F) 

I: Reels - Whiskey Before (D), Maid Behind (D), (Temperance G/Em)